Contrary to the stereotype, we Indians aren’t cheap at all. The truth is that our generation spends a lot. In fact, we blow whatever we make within the first 20 days of the month, which leaves us broke as fudge. And when we’re broke, we don’t do the wise thing and start saving up. We have different survival strategies. Here are just a few.

1. Make an elaborate dinner out of gol gappas.

2. Keep dropping the word “momos” on your friends, hoping one of them will get the message.

3. Bring up treats you gave 5 years back just to get one now.

4. Become more passionate than usual while bargaining with auto rickshaw drivers.

5. Raiding our jeans’ pockets, desk drawers and the whole house looking for chillar.

6. Getting all teary eyed with joy when we find a 50 rupee note during said raid.

7. Stealthily carry 5 empty bottles to office, fill them with water and take them back home.

8. Strike up random conversations with colleagues during lunch time, hoping to grab a bite.

9. Search for ‘everything under 100 Rupees’ food options.

10. In case our DTH needs a recharge, we suddenly start doing this insane thing called “reading.”

11. Become best friends with anyone who owns a car and could drop us home.

12. Tell yourself every second that “this too shall pass.”