It’s safe to say that Bigg Boss 16 has been providing its audience with the best nationally televised roasts and burns. Given all the crazy arguments that take place on the show!

Bigg Boss 16, roasts
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Which is why we’ve listed out just this; times we witnessed some really great roasts on the show.

1. When Priyanka Choudhary got feisty with Ankit Gupta.

Recently these two got into an argument and though it did not get too ugly and Priyanka didn’t seem like she was trying to disrespect anyone, she did end up saying she has been ‘tolerating’ Ankit for a couple of years. And that was a total ‘Oof, did she really just say that?’ moment.

Bigg Boss, roasts
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2. When Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia responded to Gautam Vig.

Though in this situation, almost everyone was fighting. The argument was about Vig giving eggs to Shalin Bhanot because of his protein requirement and how that was unfair on other housemates. But amidst the argument, Nimrit ferociously told Gautam Vig that there is no comparison between them!

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3. When Archana Gautam got schooled by Bigg Boss.

Apparently, Bigg Boss himself can roast the housemates like nobody else. For example when Archana Gautam talked about being bored of being the captain, it was Bigg Boss who checked her and took away her captaincy!

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4. When Salmaan Khan roasted Manya Singh.

In a huge blowup between Miss India runner up Manya Singh, and actor Sreejita De, Singh ended up calling De ‘just a TV actor.’ This enraged a lot of the audience, and even got Salman Khan giving Manya a befitting reply.

“Manya ke hisab se wo angaar hain aur baaki sab bhangaar hain”

Salman Khan
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5. And when Priyanka Choudhary got real with Sreejita De.

What’s interesting about the Bigg Boss house is that most fights are fights between 4 or more people. Now I know that may seem like a strange thing to describe as ‘interesting.’ But what I mean is that somehow a fight between multiple people ends up in an ugly exchange of words between two people.

For instance how during this argument, Sreejita De called Gori ‘standard less.’ And as Gori questioned how she could say such a thing, Priyanka is seen saying, ‘Agar English aati hai, toh iska matlab ye nahi ki koi aur log gawaar hain.’ Which is extremely valid. And what a reply!

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6. When Bigg Boss asked Archana to shut up.

Again, it seems Bigg Boss is the first person who comes to mind when we think of the housemates getting roasted. Because he is called Bigg Boss for a reason, after all. So when he asked Archana Gautam to shut up, and go on a maun vrat, it was quite the burn.

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