Talk show hosts can be cringey and often trespass into creepy if they are not stopped in their tracks. Case in point, the TV hosts mentioned below were either insensitive or were simply out of line. But every once in a while, even celebrities lose their shit!

1. Hasan Minhaj

It is not unusual for people of colour to have their name mispronounced by white people. More often than not we ignore it and get on with our lives. But Hasan Minhaj made an exception this time. While, he was charming about it, during his appearance on Ellen’s show, he made the host very aware of how to pronounce his name.  

2. Anne Hathaway

Talk show host Matt Lauer started an invasive line of questioning with actor Anne Hathaway after paparazzi posted an unfavourable photo of her taken from a bad angle. Lauer kept pushing her and said that he’s been seeing a lot of her and asked what she had learnt from the incident, shifting the blame on her. 

While Hathaway didn’t directly hit back at him, she told him that it saddened her to know that there were people who would take such pictures of another person and rather than delete them, sell them to make money. 

3. Jerry Seinfeld

When David Letterman made the mistake of asking Jerry Seinfeld if his show had been cancelled, the actor took serious offence to the statement and asked Letterman if he knew who he was. 

4. Zendaya

Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic was commenting on the looks of celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscars when she quite insensitively said that Zendaya‘s dreadlocks make her look like someone who reeked of weed. While Zendaya took her time to respond, she did respond and called out Rancic’s comment for being racially stereotyping. 

USA Today

5. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson has never been one to not speak her mind. So when Ellen questioned her about not getting invited to her birthday party, Johnson set the record straight. She told Ellen that she had invited Ellen because the latter had given her a lot of crap about not getting invited the previous year. 

6. Vince McMahon

For some context, you should know that WWE’s big boss had created a football league of his own, XFL, which went down not long after he created it. But when host Bob Costas grills him about the league. McMahon just completely loses it. It’s almost like watching an episode of Monday Night Raw

7. Robert Downey Jr. 

British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy has made a career out of conducting controversial interviews. And this one was no different. When Robery Downey Jr. appeared on his show to promote one of the Avengers films, Guru-Murthy started a personal line of questions about his relationship with his father, his drug abuse and jail time. Downey just up and left the interview midway saying that the interview had become very Diane Sawyer, which is for an unsuspecting audience is code for bullshit. 

8. Cher

The segment started well but Lettermen gets flirty in the middle of everything. Despite Cher looking visibly uncomfortable, Letterman didn’t stop. This led to Cher saying that the only reason she came on his show was that she wanted him to pay his hotel bill. She also went ahead and called him an asshole. 

9. Jimmy Kimmel

Being a long time friend of Conan O’Brien who had been in a public feud with host Jay Leno, should have stopped the latter from inviting Kimmel on his show. However, Leno made the mistake and paid dearly for it. Throughout the segment, Kimmel kept taking jabs at Leno and called him out for betraying O’Brien. 

10. Chris Christie

Being a member of the right-wing Republican Party, Christie is no stranger to controversy and ridicule. However, when talk show host, Jimmy Fallon made a cheap fat joke at his expense, Christie almost got up and left the show. He returned, only to quip that if he were to leave public life, Fallon would have to fire at least two of his writers who write this crap about him. 

That ought to have stopped some idiots for behaving the way they do.