Knocking off designers without giving them their due credit is not cool! Culprit #1 in this heinous offence is Bucky Barnes aka Sebastian Stan. How dare he blatantly rip off our y2k king, Govinda, whose fashion was lightyears ahead of his time?

Give our king the appreciation he deserves. 

After sasta Govinda we have Culprit #2, the destroyer of tiny butts and self-esteem in women, Kylie Jenner. This weird hybrid between Tina and Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain is enough to make Rahul go “cheater, cheater, cheater!”

Travis Scott when he saw her in that dress: “Tum nahi samjhogi Kylie, kuch kuch hota hain.”

After Kylie’s hard fail we have Culprit #3, mother-extraordinaire Kris Jenner who didn’t even spare Elon Musk with her momager energy. Proof that no matter how much free speech you can afford to kill, you still can’t escape the ma ki mamta.  

Desiness rating 5/10. 

Last but never the least is Culprit #4, teen-pop icon Sabrina Carpenter, who wore a bootleg lehenga to the MET steps. I’m not saying she’s not serving looks, but her gold, glittery outfit is every South Delhi rich bitch trying to outshine the bride at a shaadi.

American couture my ass, this is a lehenga. 

Yo Hollywood, where’s our shoutout?