Chak De! India did a lot of things for Indian cinema – for starters, it made us fall in love with sports as a genre for films. Other than the fact that it subtly touched so many issues that still remain relevant, the film definitely left us with moments that live in our heads rent free.

Chak De! India
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Like this one scene, where SRK’s character, Kabir gathers the entire team at a McDonald’s, and the women end up beating men. After realizing that his team will never bond, Kabir decides to quit his job as coach and asks everyone to meet for one last lunch together. At McDonald’s two bratty men tease Molly and Mary while passing racist and sexist comments. And well, that starts a fight, with the women giving those men the beating that they deserve.

Source: Amazon Prime Video

We’re used to heroes “saving” damsels in distress, even when it’s not needed. And not to get carried away, but that’s where the ‘beauty’ of this scene lies. The entire women’s hockey team destroy the space and those men (with their friends), with whatever they find – a broom, a chair, their hockey stick, even french fries. All of this happens as SRK’s character bites into his burger. Honestly, it’s so cathartic to watch – women kicking ass, because they can.

Source: Amazon Prime Video
Source: Amazon Prime Video

The scene lives in a lot our heads, just because of how subtle and honest it was. And maybe, that’s what films need to do – not constantly try to give us heroes who do all the protecting.

The internet certainly agrees.

I’d totally re-watch the film, just for this scene.