It’s been ages since we got our hands on our very first computers. We loved those shiny new miracles and spent countless hours tinkering with them, playing on them and occasionally, even using them for actual work. But as time passed, we moved to faster and better versions of their ilk. However, that is still not true for a small bunch of people who doggedly hold on to a painfully slow piece of technology. If you identify with any of these signs or see them in a friend, it’s probably time to change your computer.

1. Your computer still has a floppy disk drive.

2. You still use Windows XP. Not because you want to, but because your computer can’t run anything else.

3. The most advanced game you can play on your system is Doom.

4. You can’t even make out the characters on your keyboard anymore.

5.The blue screen of death is an everyday affair.

6.Your external hard disk has more space than your computer’s hard disk.

7.Your tablet has a higher screen resolution than your computer screen.

8. Forget multi-tasking, your computer crashes the moment you run a third program.

9. It still runs crappy 90s screen-savers.

10. Your monitor cannot run any video with a resolution higher than 720p.

11. You’re embarrassed to tell other people about your computer’s specs. Your reply, “Well, it’s dependable.”

12. If you want to de-fragment your system, you can’t do anything else for the entire day.

13. It makes those weird ticking sounds like it’s actually straining to get something done.

14. Even your parents are completely familiar with your computer and don’t have to ask for help to run it.

15.In the end, if it really does mean that much to you, then keep it. But do get yourself a new computer.