We often complain about how we always keep scrolling Netflix and other streaming sites but never find good movies to watch. Well, those complaints have some merit but they aren’t entirely justified. Case in point, we made a list of 21 classics that you could have a go at again over this weekend. And if you haven’t watched them, you’re in for a treat. 

1. Django Unchained (Netflix)

It’s a pretty dark movie if you think about it. But it’s a badass movie with lots of guns and fantasy revenge and cowboys. Above all, it is a romantic story about a guy just trying to find his wife. 


2. Jurassic Park (Amazon Prime)

You have already seen this one a few times. It’s a dinosaur theme park where everything that can go wrong, inevitably goes wrong. We have seen it so many times and each time hits us just the same. When you see that first dino, along with Dr Grant, you get goosebumps just as he did. 


3. Remember The Titans (Disney+Hotstar)

If you have somehow managed to miss this epic sports drama set during the early days of race integration in the US, you can catch it now. Starring Denzel Washington as the coach, this is a story of friendship in the face of overwhelming bigotry and is bound to make you weep at some point. 


4. The Matrix (Netflix)

At the turn of the 21st century, The Wachowskis gifted us this sci-fi action thriller that would continue to inspire filmmakers to this day. This dystopian action flick is as critically acclaimed as it was commercially successful and remains popular to this day. 

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5. Klaus (Netflix)

This animated film revolves around the postal academy’s worst student Jesper who is stationed in the Arctic where the locals are always in a feud with each other and hardly exchange words with other, let alone letters. 


6. Shutter Island (Netflix)

This Martin Scorsese classic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in the lead roles as two US Marshalls sent to a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a patient there. This leads to the duo discover some shocking truth about the place. 


7. Saving Private Ryan (Amazon Prime)

This is a film that haunts you with the same questions every time you watch it. Was saving the life of Private Ryan even worth all that they went through? 


8. No Country For Old Men (Netflix)

You have not seen the horror of a true psychopath until you have seen this movie or if you have encountered one in real life. In which case, I am truly sorry. But for the rest of us, Xavier Bardem’s Anton is as scary as it gets. 


9. Titanic (Disney+Hotstar)

You have watched this film. Everyone has watched this film. And yet, every time the ship goes down, we all somehow cuddle up and suddenly feel very sad as if it were happening the first time. 

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10. The Lion King (Disney+Hotstar)

No matter how many live-action adaptations they make, nothing beats the OG. James Earl Jones’s as Mufasa still gives me goosebumps. And Mufasa’s death.breaks my heart each time. But hey, it ends well, doesn’t it? 


11. The Avengers (Disney+Hotstar)

Sure, the MCU had begun a few years before this movie but what this film did, not only for the franchise but for the whole genre, is a debt that will never be repaid. Well, you could always watch it again. It still holds up. 


12. 8 Mile (Netflix)

This is the OG rap battle movie. And the white guy wins. And everyone still loves it because Eminem is just that good. The movie had heart, stayed true to its story and had some kickass music! 


13. Whiplash (Amazon Prime)

If you haven’t watched this yet and we understand if you haven’t, you need to get back on your laptop and properly schedule a date for this. Because that’s what it’ll take. It’s about music but it’s not a casual watch and it’ll make you question a few things. 

New Yorker

14. Kung Fu Panda (Amazon Prime)

Who doesn’t like a Panda selling noodles, eating dumplings and kicking tiger arses with his unique brand of Kung Fu. The film boasts of a very A-List cast and they all do their jobs to perfection in this animated comedy. 

15. Spider-Man 2 (Amazon Prime)

Isn’t this simply the best Spider-Man movie ever made? This film has all the aspects of a great film and it delivers. You have action, comedy, drama, love triangles, morally grey villains and it properly showcases the misery of Peter Parker and the burden of being Spider-Man like no other movie has. 

Indie Wire

16. The Dark Knight (Netflix)

Quite possibly the greatest superhero movies ever made, this movie was so well received that every big superhero movie, that is ‘down to Earth’ gets compared to it? And not just movies, any shows that follow the similar themes of vigilante, is inevitably compared to this film. 

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17. Delhi Belly (Netflix)

Hindi movies are not generally funny. They are meant for a very specific audience in mind and often confuse edgy comedy with punching down jokes, or with very simply, misogyny. This is one of the rare cases where the filmmakers have sort of gotten it right. 

NY Times

18. Gangs of Wasseypur (Netflix)

This will probably go down as Anurag Kashyap’s most memorable work, which is sad because he’s done some great stuff in his career. But the blame can’t entirely be put on the expectations of fans. Because this dark comedy about gangsters is just too damn good. 

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19. Jerry Maguire (Amazon Prime)

This brilliant romcom starring Tom Cruise will simply melt your hearts. And sure, that’s a cliche but it’s just what the film does. It’s adorable and romantic and funny and everything you want on a good weekend. 


20. A Few Good Men (Amazon Prime)

This is one of the all-time great movies. This courtroom drama starring Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson is the best courtroom drama you have ever come across. And it has some outstanding monologues. It’s actually so good that this film has been adapted in multiple languages at different points in time.

Screen Crush

21.  Spotlight (Sony Liv)

For the uninitiated, this is based on a real life investigation at the Boston Globe that exposed the Catholic Church’s complicity and feigned ignorance with dealing with priests who assault children and have been for decades. 

The New Yorker

Happy binging, then!