You never know how it’s like to be clumsy unless you’re actually clumsy. You can’t call it a curse, but it sure as hell comes closer. Here are a few problems you just might relate to if you’re a clumsy person.

1. When you trip and miss a step. And it happens each & every time.

2. You’re prone to doing random back-flips at a Mc Donalds even after reading, ‘Caution: Wet Floor.’

3. This is you trying to get into the metro at the last second.

4.When you’re trying to get the perfect winged liner & you’re left with one perfectly done & one smudged beyond recognition.

5.When even with both your hands, you end up spilling everything.

6. You spill every other bowl of kheer / custard made by your mum.

7. Sometimes, you put your lenses on just after you dipped your hands in body lotion.

8. The first dash of tooth-paste always goes to the sink and not to your brush.

9.When your neatly painted right hand doesn’t go with your left-hand.

10. And even if it does, you over-do the corrections and return to square one.

11. Getting your hair stuck in the hair dryer & then struggling to save them somehow.

12. When the shampoo starts dripping straight into your eyes whenever you take a bath.

13. Your clothes eat or drink a healthy share of whatever you’re drinking or eating.

14. Whenever you try to be a multi-tasker & shit happens!

15. And this happens every other day. And all you can think is, “FML.”