The word ‘feminism’ is a trigger for many people out there. While it exists to advocate women’s rights in society, but how can “feminazis” stand against patriarchal oppression right? The term is often misunderstood by the other gender, and you’re often mansplained that feminists hate men. Chuckles.

We found a classic example of one such man who thought feminism what all about opening doors and paying bills equally. Hold on before you bang your head on the wall. We have an interesting end for this story.

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A Twitter user Viren Sood narrated this incident on his account that he lectured his Tinder date about feminism hoping she would split the bill. However, his date decided to pay the entire amount (maybe in the hope of never seeing this person again).

Twiitizens are trolling the person who thought feminism is about paying bills and have a lot to say. Here are some comments.

Now that’s how you spot red flags on dates.

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