Is anyone else sick of feminists or should we say femi‘nazis’? It’s the 21st century. Gender inequality doesn’t exist anymore. Yet women always get special treatment. On top of that, they now want to exercise their rights? Not be sexually objectified (I mean come on, it’s a compliment!)? Strut around work as if they own the place? And be loudmouth bullies? It’s almost as if they want to be like …men? Wake up people, men are under attack. 

The Quint

Here is why feminism is an abomination and we need to put an end to this crap:

1. The wage gap is bullshit 

According to the Global Gender Gap Report of 2021. the gender pay gap in India is only among the widest in the world, with women, on average, earning 21% of the income of men,

2. Female infanticide is a thing of the past

Currently, India ranks fourth in the world for the highest amount of female infanticides. 

A global study by the Asian Centre for Human Rights revealed that the preference for a son over a daughter is a primary reason for female infanticide in India. Additionally, the Dowry system makes daughters “an unaffordable economic burden” and also contributes to female infanticide. 

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has formally acknowledged that illegal abortions to facilitate female foeticide continues to outnumber legal abortions and thousands of women die every year due to complications resulting from unsafe abortions.  


3. No one cares what women wear

A seventeen-year-old teenager was beaten to death by her extended kin for wearing a pair of jeans to a holy ritual. 


Actress Gauhar Khan was slapped across the face on stage by a 24-year-old male member of the audience for being a Muslim woman and wearing a “revealing outfit.” 

A 22-year-old woman was dragged out of a car and thrashed by a group of men for wearing a “short dress” and “roaming around with men late at night.”

4. Rape? Does that still happen?

India’s rape-related crime rate rose 70.7% over the last two decades from 11.6 per 100,000 women and girls in 2001 to 19.8 in 2018, according to a report by the Public Health Foundation of India. Two in five female survivors do not inform anyone of sexual violence suffered.   


A study conducted by the Human Rights Watch found that “women and girls in India are often afraid to report attacks because of fear of being stigmatized, and because they feel unable to overcome institutional barriers in a criminal justice system that offers no protection to victims or witnesses.” “They often suffer humiliation at police stations and hospitals, are still subjected to degrading tests by medical professionals, and feel intimidated and scared when the case reaches the courts.” 


A six-year-old girl and her mother were gang-raped in Haridwar and dumped near the Ganga river. The incident took place two weeks ago.

5.  Men are born leaders

An analysis conducted by the Centre for Economic Policy Research and the World Economic Forum suggested that countries led by women had “systematically and significantly better” Covid-19 outcomes, locking down earlier and suffering half as many deaths on average as those led by men. The difference is real and “may be explained by the proactive and coordinated policy responses” adopted by female leaders. 


According to the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, “the presence of women leaders in national, local and community level governance leads to an increase in policy making that advances rights, promotes equality and improves the quality of life for those overlooked in society.” 

A Harvard Business School study has shown women leaders have a measurable impact on the bottom line, with venture capital firms that hired more female partners showing increased profitability.  

6. Men are genetically superior

According to The Better Half by American physician and geneticist Dr Sharon Moalem, men, on average, tend to be the stronger sex, when it comes to lifting and carrying, thanks to their bigger muscles. But when it comes to health and long-term survival, women are the stronger sex. Every cell in a woman’s body has twice the number of X chromosomes as a man’s, therefore twice the number of genes that can be called upon to regulate their immune response. 


7. Women have full control over their bodies

As per a report by the United Nations Population Fund, only 55 per cent of women are fully empowered to make choices about their bodies. Today, a 33-year-old woman was compelled to take her own life after her partner compelled her to undergo 14 abortions.

8. Feminists are man haters!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines feminism as a belief in and advocacy of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes expressed especially through organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. 


9. Women oppress men

Indian society like a number of ‘classical’ societies is still patriarchal. Patriarchy: a socially-constructed system where males have primary power. In more recent times there have been positive shifts in attitudes, legally and socially, however, the patriarchy continues to persist: “in unequal wages between males and females that stop equal access to opportunities, failure to talk about women’s achievements, unequal distribution of household tasks, and defined gender roles, to name a few.” 


10. #Mensrightsmatter

Aren’t all rights men’s rights?  

So the next time you go on a rant about “Stag entry allowed kyun nahi hain? Feminism is stupid,” remember this.