The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come a long way since 2008, introducing a plethora of fascinating characters and making us fall in love with them. But then again, there are many characters from the comics, that we as nerds, would like to see in the MCU.

1. The Sentry

Sentry is basically Marvel’s Superman. He is said to have the power of a thousand exploding suns.

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He has been an integral part of the comics for a while now. He is the only one known in the comics to have helped use the Hulk for the purpose of pure good and not the raging monster that he is. 

2. Nova

There have been many characters who have been Nova in the comics, but the most memorable of them has been Sam Alexander. 

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Nova probably sounds familiar. And that’s because the Nova core was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. In Infinity War, we found out that Thanos had decimated Xandar and everyone else trying to protect the Power Stone. 

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That in itself seems like an origin story. So maybe when GotG 3 happens to get made, we could get a look at Nova. 

3. Moon Knight

The Moon Knight or knights have traditionally been madmen. Introduced as a villain, the Moon Knight was a mercenary who was a bit sympathetic to his targets than his employers. 


But just like Wolverine, he received such an overwhelming reaction from the audience that he went on to become a beloved anti-hero who has a part of some major crossovers in comics history. 

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Think of him as a werewolf Batman. He is a vigilante who was visited by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who granted him powers. So his strength depends on the phases of the moon. 

4. Beta-Ray Bill

It’s kind of impossible to see this happen, given that he looks like a horse. But hey, Beta-Ray Bill is one of the only beings to have been able to wield Mjolnir. 


And if Taiki Watiti gets to make another Thor movie and decides to make it whackier, what better way to introduce Beta-Ray Bill into the God of Thunder storylines. 

5. Galactus

Say, The Avengers defeat Thanos in Endgame,  the need will arise for a stronger, far worse villain. And who better than Galactus, one of the oldest and most powerful creatures in the universe? The dude eats planets for breakfast. 


The only problem would be that he has no human form or sentiment to tie us to him. Which is where Silver Surfer comes in. 

6. Silver Surfer

We all know the story of Silver Surfer. He even appeared in one of the Fantastic Four movies, which were basically just crap. 

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Besides, if Galactus is supposed to be the big bad of the next phase of MCU, Silver Surfer is bound to play an important role. He is one of the most powerful beings known in the MCU and it would be fun to actually see him in a well-written movie. 

7. Namor

You could call Namor, the Aquaman of Marvel but guess what? The former released as a comic 2 years before Aquaman. Namor is the king of Atlantis and is often seen in conflict with The Avengers. Despite this, he is still a protagonist and MCU needs to cash in on it. 

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Imagine how much cooler the underwater fights would actually be if Marvel was the one spending money on them!

8. She-Hulk

Even after multiple movies in the MCU, the story arc of the Hulk remains incomplete. Case in point, Jennifer Walters aka The She-Hulk. 


Walters is different from Banner in multiple ways. The biggest difference being, she retains all her intellect even after transforming into the green rage monster that everyone fears. 

9. Taskmaster 

Taskmaster is blessed with ‘photographic reflexes’ that allow him to instantly replicate his opponent’s movements, which would make him a great rival for Captain America and Spider-Man as he has their moves already memorised. 

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Also, he looks really cool, in a bad way of course. 

10. The Beyonder

The Beyonder is one of the most powerful cosmic beings in Marvel history. He can craft reality to his whim. 

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When he made his comic book debut, he created a Battleworld from the chunks of random planets and brought heroes and villains to fight it out. 

11. Hercules

Hercules serves the purpose of counter-balancing Thor in the comics. He is also an all-powerful demigod. And while his comic mythology doesn’t really deviate from that of actual Greek mythology, he is a fun character to have around. 

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And like I said, with Taika Watiti in charge, anything is possible. I, personally would like to see Hercules and Thor brawl it out after getting seriously drunk. 

12. U.S Agent John Walker

Walker was also a super soldier who had taken on the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers had abandoned it. Although he was a force for the good, he employed way more violent methods than his predecessor, which made Rogers claim that Walker had tarnished his legacy. 

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If Captain America survives Endgame, we would love to see Walker and Rogers in a moral conflict with each other. 

13. Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew was a superhuman with spider-like powers who had been brainwashed into being a HYDRA agent. Drew eventually turned against HYDRA, however, and became a full-fledged superhero.


And if the Spiderverse has any plans of expanding, Drew needs to be there. She is a complicated character and one hell of a woman. 

14. Swordsman

The Swordsman is the one who trained Hawkeye. He was a criminal who tried to have Barton follow in his ways. 

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If MCU ever decides to make an origin story about Barton, the Swordsman has to be an essential part of it. 

15. Ms. Marvel

Despite having existed for just a few years, Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel has become insanely popular amongst comic book readers. Khan was a Pakistani teenager living in New Jersey when she gets exposed to a Terrigen Mist bomb that awakens her Inhuman cells, giving her the power to shapeshift. 

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So she takes on the identity, her idol Carol Danvers once used and becomes a superhero. 

Anyone else we should have included? Let us know. 

*The X-Men and Fantastic Four have been kept out of this list.