Netizens lost their shit after the ex golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited and had a heartfelt hold-my-hand-moment on the SAG red carpet on Sunday.

The ex-es sent their fans into a tizzy. Well, turns out Courteney Cox a.k.a Monica Geller was as awestruck by their brief reunion as we were. 


According to Glamour, Courteney Cox has been liking and double-tapping to almost all the interesting social media posts about the duo’s surprise reunion posted by the Instagram account Comments By Celebs

Not only that, apparently, the Twitter community has noticed that Courteney liked a tweet with the caption, “They still love each other, no doubt” and apparently, according to Mirror, Courteney has liked 40 tweets so far.

Even though Monica Geller has not yet commented on Rachel casually chilling with her long-term ex situation, we’re suspecting that she’s either shipping them as much as we are or she’s just having a good time confusing trolls. In any case, she’s really enjoying herself.


On a side note, this really feels like’ do you think that they know that we know, that they know we know‘ situation. Well, we have to appreciate Courteney’s funny intentions to light up the serious mood.