The ending of the first saga of the MCU has lead to a full-on frenzy. Fans of the films have been brought to boiling point, and that has resulted in some truly crazy behaviour. Such as this – 

1. A woman from Clapton, East London postponed the birth of her child so she could watch Avengers: Endgame.

Yes, you read that right! A woman postponed her plans to give birth, for the Avengers: Endgame. Talking to The Guardian, outside Vue cinema in Stratford, she said, “We were offered a C-section earlier in the week, but because we had the Avengers booked we decided to have it later.” Some level of commitment there! *Thanos applauds*

2. A student was rushed to the hospital after crying continuously while watching the Endgame climax. 

According to News Nation, a 21-year-old student in Zhejiang, China was rushed to the hospital after falling ill as she was inconsolable during the final half of the movie. Later it was known, that the student went with a group of friends and was very upset with the turn of events towards the end. 


3. A boyfriend set strict rules for his girlfriend before they went to watch Avengers: Endgame.

One must be a true fan if he/she believes in ethical habits, which promote mutual interest for the flick and keeps the set of events, exciting. While fans want to watch with full concentration, this guy took it to the next level. In a detailed text to his GF, this guy jotted down some really interesting points, like, a) no eating and drinking allowed during the screening, b) not communicating one-bit in any way during the film & also the end-credits. Well done fam! A true fan indeed. Twitter user Kamilla Rose 

4. A teacher put a hilarious notice outside the classroom asking students not to ‘spoil’ the Endgame.

MCU fans can go to any extent to make sure they reach the theatres without knowing anything in advance. The modern age of internet makes it difficult for people to stay away from information that’s leaked online. In order to prevent spoilers, one teacher put a notice outside her classroom, which is truly an amazing idea from a true fan. 

The note was shared on Twitter by a user who is also a student of this teacher. 


5.  A man was apparently beaten up outside a theatre in Hong Kong for spoiling Avengers: Endgame.

A man outside a theatre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong was beaten up for repeatedly shouting spoilers at the entrance. 

Asia One released a picture of the alleged culprit where he’s being rounded-up by angry fans who were there when he was shouting the spoilers. 

Asia One

Crazy fans are really a different breed!