If you can let your hair loose and tie them back again in less than a minute, then you’re either an overpaid actor from the Dove commercial or a carrier of the most awesome gene known to mankind, the gene for straight hair. Either way, people with straight hair have it easy. Curly haired people, including myself, have to deal with things that they can’t even dream of. Here are just a few.

1. We spend one fourth of our paycheck on hair management solutions.

Just to come back home and wonder, where did the money go?

2. Finding the pen or clip which you used to tie up your hair requires a call to A.C.P Pradyuman.


3. I’ve had people staring at my locks and finally coming up to me to ask “are those real”?

No, I run a wig museum at home and wear a different one every day.

4. Any hair-do we try acquires a mind and personality of its own; which fluctuates from unruly to completely unruly.

Yes, we suffer from split-end personality disorder.

5. And on the day when our hair isn’t giving us grief, you feel you can take life head on (pun intended).

6. Combs are our mortal enemies. In a battle between our curls and the comb, the curls seldom stand a chance.

7. Speaking of which, curly hair takes up a lot of space and usually becomes a nightmare for our room-mates.

8. It’s about time we start wearing tiaras or bandanas with a warning sign that reads ‘Do not run your fingers through my hair unless you want to spend an hour untangling it.’

Goodbye dating.

9. The time taken to get ready by women with straight hair and us ought to be calculated in different time zones.

10. We get exhausted with nicknames like “maggie noodles,” “mop-head,” and “cuckoo’s nest.”

11. A visit to a salon turns out to be almost as painful and expensive as a visit to the dentist.

12. It’s worse when relatives sneakily walk up to you and say, “how about washing your hair once in a while?”

And all you can do is bitch-slap them in your head.

13. We stand resolutely against chemical straightening. It’s just not worth it.

Ever seen a person with half curly and half straight hair? That is freaking fugly.

14. Going anywhere close to the sea turns out to be a horrid affair each and every time.

Humidity is like a comb’s evil side-kick.

15.  Despite all this, we have the last laugh on all those straight-hair clones as we revel in the joy of being unique.

Go ahead, curly haired girls and guys, “Curlo” duniya mutthi mein.

All gifs sourced from Giphy.com