Vijay Varma’s character in Darlings is making people hate him but his talent is making them develop a crush and it’s all a little confusing at the moment. Varma’s performance in the movie is a testament to his skills, and it is nice to see that viewers are finally acknowledging that he is not just a prolific actor but also has something fundamentally organic about his personality that makes him stand out.

This helps him with fashion, too. Varma is one of the most stylish celebrities out there and can carry almost anything with ease. These pictures are proof.

The blazer-trouser look seems to have been his go-to recently and he has experimented with both, colours and designs. 

Vijay also never shies away from designs that would conventionally be called over-the-top. Like the one below.

He wears baggy clothes, he wears fitted clothes, he looks confident either way.

Most of his styling, recently, has been done by Vrinda Narang, who can be followed here.

Love your style, darlings.