Vijay Varma, the fantastic actor who has taken entire social media by storm for his remarkable performance in Darlings, is the current sensation in our film industry. 

With the right concoction of soul-stirring expressions and bloodcurdling acting skills, the actor has once again proved his worth as an artist.

Hamza Sheikh, the manipulative character who abuses his wife in the movie, made our blood boil with each of his scenes. 

However, as a performer, the actor outperformed himself with his on-point acting.

Needless to mention, people are quite impressed with his role in the movie. Though people really wanted to punch him square in the face, they just couldn’t stop praising how the actor got into the skin of the evil character. 

We have compiled some of the best tweets for you, keep reading.

1. With his stone-cold expressions and on-point dialogues, he is the star of the movie.

2. That’s true.

3. And interestingly, his character was highly believable as well.

4. That’s what a terrific actor does.

5. Same brother, same.

6. Remember the scene with heels? Still gives us goosebumps.

7. Well, he’s just flawlessly good at being bad.

8. Why is this tweet so relatable?

9. The truth has been spoken.

10. From buttering his girlfriend with a soft toy to manipulating his wife in jail, the actor was absolutely phenomenal.

11. Take a bow, already!

12. And, the actor is the master of that art.

13. On the behalf of everyone:

14. This scene still gives me the chills.

Vijay Varma, take a bow!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.