The first time we laid eyes on Deadpool was in the Wolverine origin movie and what they did to the merc with a mouth in that film was a tragedy. Well, now he is back and he is back for revenge against all superheroes.

1. There’s nothing better than shattering Captain America’s beliefs.

2. Naah Batman. You think too highly of yourself. 

3. Don’t go around giving lectures, Tony.  

4. True story! 

5. Hulk ain’t smashing anything tonight. 

6. Reindeer games just got played.  

7. Somebody’s definitely dying after this.  

8. Oh, how the high and mighty fall! 

9. Serves you well!

10. Boy, you ain’t even close. 

11.  Don’t ever try monologues on this guy.

12. What does the Fox say?

13. Everybody loves Hugh Jackman. 

14. And we miss him! 

15. Stupid animal!

16. None of this makes sense.  

17. Ouch! 

18. Like I said, no monologues. 

19. I am Groot! 

Some burns can never heal. 

Design Credit: Kumar Sonu