Kartik Aaryan is no stranger to misogynistic statements and monologues, but in the past, they’ve been attributed to his characters. 

This time around though, Kartik appears to have written and directed his own brand of misogyny.

India Today

In a TikTok video that Kartik posted on Instagram, he made fun of a subject like domestic violence. In the video–which has since then been deleted– Kartik Aaryan swings his sister from her braids, and throws her from the balcony, ‘because he did not like the roti she made. 


He captioned the video, “No compromise on food quality.” And, some people actually appreciated his ‘sense of humor’. 


However, most people called him out for promoting domestic violence, and ultimately, he deleted the video. 

Domestic violence, that has unfortunately been on a rise under the lockdown, is a subject that should never be joked about – because you are diminishing the seriousness of the offense by making a joke about it. This video is not just in bad taste, but also promotes a regressive ideology. 


Kartik Aaryan, whose fan base includes teenagers and young adults, needs to be aware of the kind of message he is spreading in the name of humor. Violence against women is not funny. It never was. It never should be.