If I had to ask you, when was the last time you really, truly expressed your feelings? When was it that you cried because you felt like it? Or laughed because you wanted to? If you can’t remember, you know what I’m talking about. 

For some odd reason, we’re living in times when the true test of a person’s strength is to always keep it together. We can’t show what we’re feeling, we’re always being judged for behaving a certain way and no matter how close a person may be, we somehow can’t open ourselves to them. 

Is it years of conditioning? Or is it a fear of being looked at in a certain light? Whatever may be the reason, we’re all leading unhappy, largely upsetting lives. We don’t love ourselves and certainly don’t love our zindagi

The Indian Express

If you’ve seen Dear Zindagi, you’d know the underlying message of the film. If you haven’t, go watch it, right now. In a simple, non-judgmental way, the film urges you to express your inner dilemma, tells you that life isn’t always easy and asks you to cry when you want to and laugh when you need to. 

After all, there’s no better way to live this zindagi, right?

To help you open up, here are 8 beautiful dialogues from the movie that’ll surely inspire you to give yourself, and your life, a big, tight hug!

Love you, Zindagi!

Design credits: Utkarsh Tyagi