When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, people were quick to jump the gun and instantly call him the worst thing to have happened to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). After the not-so-great outings, Batfleck seems to be the last hope for a lot of fans.

Ben Affleck will be writing and directing the solo Batman movie and if that wasn’t enough, we finally have a brilliant adversary confirmed for the movie. Affleck recently released a footage of Deathstroke and that is more than enough confirmation about the mercenary’s presence in the upcoming Batman movie.

This is what Affleck put up on his Twitter profile:

Deathstroke, or commonly referred to as Deathstroke the Terminator or simply Slade, is known to be the greatest assassin in all of DC Comics. He has encountered Batman on several occasions in the comics.

He possesses several abilities that are almost superhuman due to a military experiment. He has enhanced mind, reflexes, strength, stamina, and speed. His regeneration abilities are also superior to other humans. DC fans have already seen a version of Deathstroke in the incredibly popular TV show Arrow.


The beloved Marvel character, Deadpool, was initially supposed to be a spoof of Deathstroke. 

Let’s hope that this is not another classic case of blue-balls that DC has been delivering. MAKE DCEU GREAT AGAIN!