We’re in 2022, in the day and age where gender equality is a living room conversation we have with our families. From female lead films to characters on-screen who aren’t afraid to call out patriarchy, Bollywood has come a long way. And yet, the people questioning these actors, haven’t. 

Deepika Padukone, who is currently promoting her film, Gehraiyaan has been repeatedly hounded on the internet, asking if she had her husband Ranveer Singh’s “permission” to shoot the intimate scenes in the film. But why does she need his “permission”? When she’s just doing her job? *insert Dil Dhadakne Do reference*

And of course, Deepika being her own iconic self, had the perfect response to these comments. 

It’s stupid that we’re even reacting to it. I think, for us, that’s the most important thing. I don’t read comments. I’m pretty certain even he doesn’t. And, I think. Yuck! It just feels so stupid. 

-Deepika Padukone to Bollywood Bubble

Instead the actor chose to focus on the fact that as an actor and a husband, Ranveer is incredibly proud of her and her work. 

I think he is extremely proud. He’s extremely proud of the film that we made and he’s extremely proud of my performance. 

-Deepika Padukone to Bollywood Bubble

Women in the industry constantly find themselves being scrutinised by a double standard, especially when it comes to doing movies with intimacy scenes and a sensitive storyline. While no hate comments of such kind were directed towards the male co-stars in the film, many comments were made about Deepika, and even about the clothes she wore while promoting the film. 

She was just doing her job as an actor – embracing the character and being the best she could on-screen. And it is appalling that despite how far we have come, we can’t stop reducing a woman’s job to the men in the life.