In today’s news of unsolicited comments about a woman’s clothing choices, influencer and copywriter Freddy Birdy made a comment about the Gehraiyaan cast’s clothing choices during the promotion of the film.

Indian Express

Freddy shared a post on his (now private) Instagram account, saying that the ‘clothes get tinier’ as the release date of the film approaches. A remark that was completely unnecessary and definitely did not go down well with the internet. 


He also made a comment about the necklines of outfits during promotions, one that is blatantly distasteful and sexist. 


Post his various sexist comments, Deepika Padukone shared an Instagram story which aimed at ‘morons’, and he did take offence to it. 


His Instagram story about it just proved why we have a problem with his comments and ‘sense of humour’. 


Was he ready to let it go? Nope, because then he made this Instagram post. 


Of course, after all this was said and done, Twitter couldn’t take it sitting down. From his sexist remarks where he commented on Deepika’s clothes to making comments about her personality, Freddy Birdy should have flown away from this one, but he didn’t. 

Maybe it is time that men realise ‘locker room’ conversations are no longer acceptable. Your ‘jokes’ aren’t funny, your ‘puns’ aren’t witty and you can’t get away with belittling the success of a woman by commenting on her clothes and body.