Have you ever been at a loss for words when describing an amazingly beautiful and talented person? Well, that’s what happens to most of Deepika Padukone’s fans, who are smitten by her charms and personality. However, putting an end to this problem, once and for all, this Twitter account is dedicating a creepily similar looking cupcake for each of Deepika’s avatars.

Take our word, these cupcakes are as amazing as the actress herself:

Simply the classiest cup cake ever.

And the dash of red to kill.

Well, this might give you diabetes!

One for your darkest fantasies!

You’ll start believing in black magic.

Fresh as a flower.

One for all seasons.

And hey, it’s a bigger cupcake party when Deepika meets…

Her mentor:

Her friends:

Current flame:

And even exes!

Basically, the diva scores a Gold in whatever she does!

Isn’t this the best of both the worlds?

This article was first published by Miss Malini .