Deepika Padukone recently sat down with Film Companion‘s Anupama Chopra to talk about different aspects of her life and career.

And while there were multiple noteworthy bits in that interview, there is a topic that needs to be elevated to a bigger conversation across the country.

That is work-life balance. Deepika spoke at length about the fact that people need to rest and they need to experience life in its entirety and not just through their work.

Further, she was asked by Anupama Chopra what changes she wishes to bring as a producer (Deepika is producing the upcoming movie 83), and her answers were not just logical but also insightful.

She said that firstly, she would like to give all stakeholders on the set some time off so they can replenish their energy.

Secondly, a 5-day week, during which no one bothers anyone on Sunday.

Thirdly, giving the crew members the money they deserve for extended hours.

And lastly, good food for everyone. This is a topic that remains undiscussed on major platforms and it’s heartening to see Deepika trying to change that. 

Everyone should have the access to nutritious food, it’s something that sustains us, and any discrimination when it comes to basic things that keep us alive is simply unfair.

She also added that she’d want the cast and the crew to have access to a mental health professional, who they can reach out to if required.

Apart from this, Deepika pointed out how asking for leave is considered “unprofessional” in corporate structures and how much harm it does. 

In all honesty, most of these issues have been (and continue to be) raised by people. However, these conversations rarely come from those who are in the position of bringing a change.

And even when there is a conversation, it’s mostly hollow, and there is no subtle way of putting that. The CEOs and the producers and the leaders – they need to walk the talk and act on those tweets and posts detailing how employees should be given a good work environment. 

It’s good to see someone like Deepika, who would easily be excused for being indifferent, choose not to. There is a lesson there for those who want to take it.