Ranveer Singh’s literal bare-it-all photoshoot for Paper magazine has taken the internet by a storm and it is understandable why. Although it is not the first time an Indian actor has done something like this (credit where it’s due), very few mainstream stars have gone all the way in this manner. 

Now, from memes to tweets, people have been expressing their opinions on the photoshoot in their own ways – and the latest to join the list is Deepika Padukone.

If a report by India Today is anything to be believed, a source close to the couple was quoted as saying:

She was blown away by them. In fact, she was looped in on this entire shoot from the very start and she absolutely loved the concept. She saw the images before they hit the internet. Deepika has always supported Ranveer and has been his biggest champion. So when it came to doing something totally different, she didn’t flinch.

The source also noted Ranveer’s thought process behind the whole thing. 

He really wanted to go all out and push the envelope. He does it daily with his fashion choices and fans have extreme reactions to what he wears. So, it wasn’t a surprise that he went all out with these nude pics. He is totally comfortable in his skin, so this wasn’t something new for him either. These photos were to come out around May-June. They were ready but Ranveer wanted to wait.

Well, Deepika, we were blown away by the pictures too.