Remember MC Checkmate from Gullyboy? The same person Murad had his first rap battle with? Well, Chaitnya Sharma a.k.a MC Checkmate has uploaded a heartwarming video, supporting the anti CAA protestors and reminding us to stay united in tough times. 

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In real life, Chaitnya goes by the stage name,  _SlowCheeta_. Keeping the elements of the ongoing socio-political chaos in mind, the opening lines of his spoken words give us major goosebumps:

Matt darr mere yaar, hum sab hai saath. 
Keh de tu bhi mann ki baat,
Yahaan na puchega koi jaat, na maangege kaagzaat.

Covered in his poetic words with a strong feeling of resentment dripping through his lyrics,  he sends a strong message of ahimsa.  

He then goes on to tell the world that the youngsters of this country are wide awake while the government ignorantly snoozes: 

Towards the end, Chaitnya then resorts to satire to rightfully speak his mind: 

Oh chowkidar, paisa chood, 
Izzat thodi kama le. 
Har sach ke doodh mein pani dale, 
Chai toh theek se bana le. 

Watch the full video here: 

With his beautiful message of unity, Chaitnya Sharma’s words have shook us to the core.