Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead. 

September 3 gave us a thrilling ride, keeping us hooked to our screens for five long hours. 

Indians have been in awe of heist mastermind The Professor since the show commenced. From designing solid plans to even stronger back up plans, Professor is truly a genius like no other.

However the Vol. 1 of Money Heist Season 5 hit the nerve of many Bollywood fans. 

The nine-month pregnant Alicia Sierra entered the professor’s den and crowned herself the winner in this cat and mouse chase. But the tables turned when Sierra’s water broke and she went into labour. 

And guess who delivered her baby using almost no hospital supplies? Our omniscient Professor, of course.

Wait, does this give you a flashback too?

Desi Twitter got major déjà vu of Rancho from 3 Idiots! Look at how Indians are amazed.

All is well, Professor.