Being a designer isn’t easy. How can it be, when you’re trying to balance aesthetics and creativity with the unreasonable and silly demands clients seem to love?

1. I really love this. But can I see more options?

2. Yaar, this is too white. Make it less white!

3. Can you make the logo bigger?

4. I want all the elements there but make sure it doesn’t look cluttered!

5. “Feel nai hai ismey.” Put more feel into it!

6. Can you Photoshop this guy to make him smile more?

7. Servicing Guy after the 10 th iteration; “Yaar, you’re not getting what the client wants.”

8. Creative Director after 11 th iteration; “Don’t think about what the client wants, do your thing.”

9. So, the design and copy are in sync, but still the ‘thought’ is missing!

10. Can you use more than three fonts in this design? For variety?

11. My wife had a very interesting thing to say about this design…

12. I’m about 65 % happy with this creative.

13. Can you make the model look a bit fairer?

14. I want an award winning creative!

15. Here’s the one that really gets your goat. “Yaar, yeh toh bas ek ghantey ka kaam hai.”

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