There’s no doubt that Naina and Bunny are one of the most iconic on-screen couples from recent times. After a lot of fun, emotions, tears and distance, love conquered them in the climax of the movie. In the end, they finally fall in love and decide to be together. However, some people have their own theories.

A Redditor, who goes with the username @DebateDifferent25, asked people if they think the iconic on-screen couple worked everything out or if they ended up going separate ways. And, here is what people had to say. Read on.

1. “No. He probably misses being a nomad and blames her for it. She resents him for not wanting to stay put. They constantly argue all the time and end up in divorce.”

– Independent_Monk_926

2. “In my opinion, the movie should’ve gone the La La Land route. They have such different expectations from life that it would never work without one of them having to unfairly compromise.”

– Positively-Fleabag85

3. “They shouldn’t even have ended up together in the movie. The climax was so rushed.”

– Win-Particular

4. “Nope, Bunny leaving his dream for love was so stupid.”

– Sunnyside_d

5. “I think Bunny needs Naina far more than she needs him, he is vulnerable with her. I guess that will make him want to make it work.”

– bee_squirrel_

6. “The ending was my least favourite part. It would have been more convincing if, in the end, they just agreed that they were two different people and decided it was actually the time to move on.”

– its_not_funny_Stop

7. “Definitely not. There’s nothing practical about their relationship.”

– Classic_Pop_1574

8. “Bunny was happy travelling, but he was happier with Naina. The moment he met her, he questions his nomadic life and the fact that he didn’t even come to his dad’s funeral. He realises that there’s more to life and one day everything’s gonna pass him by. He didn’t say he’ll stay put, they travel together.”

– mrs_robpatt

9. “They definitely separated. The movie ended on a happy note just to end it.”

– Shivampa

10. “I don’t think that he loved her the way she loved him. Unpopular opinion, but she was written as a complete doormat, the nerdy girl who doesn’t know she is beautiful and waits for this cute guy for years. And he shows up, likes that she’s now hot and hits on her. So, they have chemistry but it’s temporary. In a few years, he would be bored of this life and she would hate him for drifting away. They can end up as friends and worst case, as bitter exes.”

– writerrani

11. “Looks like I’m in the minority but I think they would have worked out just fine. They do have completely different personalities and goals but they somehow seem to complement each other’s shortcomings. I honestly think that they complete each other’s missing halves. And it’s not like Bunny gave up his dreams, he realised it’s possible to share them with another person. There is not one fixed recipe for a successful marriage. I’ve seen the oddest couple making their marriage work.”

– Lizzy_Bnt

12. “NO. Amazing people, but not meant for each other. One thing I’ve learnt about love is that if you truly love them, you won’t change them and you’ll set them free. Naina wanting Bunny to ‘leave’ his life and stay with her doesn’t make sense to me. There are so many couples who live long distances, yet love each other.”

– Opening_Slide8632

Do you think Naina & Bunny worked it out?

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.