Still thinking about Torrenting WandaVision, Loki etc when they come out? I wouldn’t blame you. No one wants to stay behind the world. After all, we don’t have Disney+ here. 


But that is about to change! Disney+ is now coming to India. And according to the Indian Express, it’s coming on the 29th of March. 


Disney CEO Robert Iger confirmed this in the first quarter, 2020 earnings call. The streaming service will now come as part of Hotstar.

We’re also excited to announce that we will be launching Disney Plus in India through our Hotstar service on March 29, at the beginning of the Indian Premier League Cricket season. We will be rebranding our existing Hotstar VIP and Premium subscription tiers to Disney Plus Hotstar. 

-Bob Iger, Disney CEO

Now, this could result in an increase in the subscription price. Currently Hotstar premium costs ₹999 per year or ₹299 per month. 


So you should probably expect a bit of a hike. After all, you don’t have to download a bunch of viruses while illegally downloading The Mandalorian now. 


All your favourite Marvel movies are already on Hotstar anyway. With Disney+, you will also have access to other Disney products as well. So open the champagne already!