We binge a little too much these days. So much so, that films and shows are an integral part of our lives – they almost feel like necessity. The good part is, that a lot of this content that we consume, can be informative. A whole lot of documentaries and doc-series on Netflix are example. Their format is such, that we end up finding something new or interesting, via entertainment.

Source: Geographical Magazine

However, given that cinema is subjective, it can mean different things to different people. And that’s just as much part of the discussion; if anything a difference of opinion on a show can lead to healthy (and important) banter. Like, how a journalist, Poulomi Das pointed out that a documentary about Honey Singh isn’t the best idea. She added that there are a number of other independent documentaries that could do with the boost – given Netflix’s reach.

Some people agree.

The teaser of the documentary has people conflicted about its subject.