Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Deadpool 2, do not proceed.

Even if you haven’t watched the latest Deadpool flick, it’s highly likely that you’re still familiar with Dopinder, the taxi driver. In the first film, Deadpool lead him on a path of crime to get his one true love.

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Dopinder is the common man in the movie who wants to lead the gangsta life. Like a 10-year-old Kirsten Dunst in Interview With A Vampire, he’s got the taste.

He wants to hang out with assassins, kill people, get chicks. You know, the usual. Dopinder is what we call, cool. Sure, he isn’t Deadpool cool or even Weasel cool. But he is one of us.

Cinema Express

Dopinder did everything he could for his one true love just like Deadpool did.

We know that Dopinder had kidnapped Bandhu, the dude who loved Geeta, whom he was in love with. In this film, we weirdly find out that he might have killed him in the process. And he liked it. 

cary’s comic craze

In this film, he shows up at the best moments and seems to have developed a bloodlust.

Dopinder repeatedly requests Deadpool to let him in and live the badass gangsta life. But like most of us would, he ends up in a bar, cleaning the floor.


And sure, he wipes pee off the floor, but which one of us hasn’t kissed somebody’s ass to get our shit done.

Fake it till you make it. He basically starts from the bottom and in the hopes of being a superhero himself. 

Hindustan Times

But he kept at it, was persistent and didn’t give up on his dreams.

Yeah. I mean, could you imagine working at a bar owned by Weasel? That guy is nuts. He might not have a lot to offer except cheaper cab fares but he helps in anyway he can.

The Hindu

When asked about his superpowers, he says, “courage”, which is basically all that most of us have.

None of us has any superpowers, except having the courage to stand up to do what we think is right. 

Hell, even his reaction to Peter getting the job in the X-Force team was on point.

We all know some less deserving douche raking over the opportunities that we had spent ages waiting for.


He sticks with his friends, even when it’s dangerous and they are cancerous pricks (literally) wearing Hawaiian onesies as they grow back their body below the belt.

He is always there for Deadpool, on all his missions, Dopinder is there to pick him up. Without Dopinder, Deadpool would never make it on time and be able to save people. 

Although, he does run away after seeing Juggernaut but then, who won’t?

Come on. You are accompanying a guy who can’t die, a soldier from the future and another woman with the power of luck. And the guy you’re up against just ripped the immortal dude in half. Yeah, I would run too.


But he does come through at the end and kills the ‘paedophile’ by running him over.

Yeah, what did you think was the weapon of choice of a taxi driver? No matter. It was one of the coolest sequences in the film. 


So that was nice. 


BTW, Dopinder is played by Karan Soni, an American actor of Indian origin. Although he hasn’t been a major league player yet, you still might remember him from Ghostbusters and Fargo.