Harry Potter was unarguably the most fantastical and gripping series of the past two decades. And while clearly the movies and the books revealed us to every character and their positive and negative traits, there was one character in the entire series we all misunderstood. 

Draco Malfoy – The apparent villain of the series. The arch-enemy of the ‘boy who lived’. The so-called part of the Death Eaters clan. The supposed killer of Dumbledore. 

But was he really ‘that’ mean? Was he the actual villain in the series? Or was he made to seem like that to all of us?
Well, we think the guy was just a clueless, misunderstood guy and here’s why. 

He was the one who wanted to be Harry’s friend in the first place. 

Remember the time when Draco asked Harry to be friends with him the first time they met at Hogwarts? It was not his mistake that Harry declined his offer. 


He didn’t have friends. He had minions in the name of friends.

You all remember Crabbe and Goyle, right? But did you guys notice that they weren’t really his friends, they were just his ‘yes men’ because of his powerful family. So basically, Draco had no one to share his secrets and his insecurities with. 

He was under a shit load of pressure. 

He was dealing with a lot of pressure by the end of the series. He was forced to join the Death Eaters by his parents when he clearly didn’t sign up on that. 


His childhood was spent on trying to get his father’s approval. 

Draco’s father Lucius Malfoy hated Muggles and was a devoted follower of the dark side and Voldemort. While he always wanted his son to do exactly that, he always thought of him as a weakling. 


Draco was too good a person to take any lives. 

It was always planned that Draco supposedly will end Dumbledore’s life. Even though doing that would’ve made him a star in his father’s eyes, his respect for Dumbledore didn’t let him do it. 


He low-key remained good to Harry and saved him and his trio’s lives more than once. 

When Harry, Hermione and Ron were caught by Snatchers, it was a golden opportunity to impress Voldemort. But when Draco was asked to identify these three due to Hermione’s spell, he didn’t identify them to the Death Eaters. 


So, if you still think Draco was a bad guy, you gotta think twice.