If you are a 90s kid, chances are, you have grown up on a steady diet of some of the choicest cartoons in the world. From Pokemon, Tom & Jerry, Samurai Jack and Duck Tales to Captain Planet, Johnny Quest, Digimon and Aladdin; you’ve seen them all. 

But there is one show that continues to resonate with us even today, and that’s Dragon Ball Z. Fans swear by the fact that there is absolutely NO problem, that a binge-watching session of DBZ can’t fix!


Superheroes are strangely divisive entities. While comic book characters have strong fanbases and have the potential to create billions of dollars in the movie business, many fans are starkly divided between which comic book company they identify with; some fans are loyal to DC comics, while others are team Marvel. 

As such, many fierce debates have come to fruition over the years regarding which heroes are the toughest. 

Could the Hulk take down Superman if it came down to it? Whose tech is more impressive, Iron Man or Batman?

They might be the titans of their worlds, but will any of them ever match the sheer awesomeness of Vegeta and/or Goku? NEVER!


Oh, and did I mention how fucking cool the opening theme was? Let’s hear that again:

Dragon ball Z has taught all 90s kids that limitations only exist if you let them. 

During the early seasons of the show, going Super Saiyan was the ultimate goal.

Only for Kakarot to surpass himself and attain the power of a God which changed everything in the show. 

So remember… Your only limit is you!


While most people deride the show for its vulgar love for action and brutality, they often miss out on the main point behind Dragon Ball Z.

It is about an alien who lands on this planet to destroy it but ends up protecting it.

It’s about how family is more important than anything.


It’s about how to be grounded even when you know that you are probably the most powerful being in the universe.

It’s about forgiveness and trust.


It’s about giving second chances.

It’s about how to be a good friend, in fact, how to the best friend one could ever get. (Goku – Krillin)

It’s about respecting your teacher, even though he’s your father’s nemesis. (Gohan – Piccolo)

It’s about morals. It tells you how to live life. And I so want to live that life!


Is there any anime more influential than Dragon Ball Z? With almost 300 episodes under its belt, DBZ has captivated audiences for years with its brutal action sequences and eclectic roster of characters. 

While a few individuals might consider the fight sequences ‘dragged’ out, the hardcore fans of the franchise find it ‘epic’.

And you know what… JUST LOOK AT THIS!


I guess it’s time to go back and binge-watch Dragon Ball Z! This is going to be a good weekend.