You’d be lying if you said- you didn’t deal with problematic and dumb opinions of alpha males on social media. I know it’s a free space to share opinions, but I am deeply concerned about the detrimental effect of the internet on some men and boys. That said, some of the examples ahead suck and are alarming too.

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We tried to pick some of the dumbest examples to bring all those alpha males out of their shells and enlighten them about reality and what the real world looks like.

1. This dude here wrote a whole-ass problematic text on why women who don’t have flat stomachs have lost their virginity. Following a lack of sex education this dumbo also boasted about his masculinity with the number of virgins.

If a girl has a bump on her stomach, it’s a dead giveaway that she has lost her virginity. And even if some guys try to deny it, a virgin female has always and always will be an ideal mate for a man.

2. Yet another male who missed his sex education class. Apparently, according to this person women pee from CLITOROIUSES?’ Yeah, let’s just ignore that spelling because what he said is more insane. The comment section also reads things like we hold and aim.

3. Yo! This alpha male in the house talked about beautiful single ladies and why they’re single. In his delusional world, this person made some problematic remarks and blamed feminism.

Why is it that even beautiful women, bad blas are single today? It’s simple feminism. Feminism taught you that you’re a queen, you’re God’s gift to this Earth, and you’re the prize. No the flak you ain’t. No, you ain’t.

4. The sheer lack of knowledge about a woman’s body is shocking. We come across so many tweets that sum up that men have no effing clue about how women’s bodies and how they function. Here’s classic proof:

5. Some tales are better off not said, like this one. This man took to Twitter to share a story about when he went to a girl’s house for rishta, and she couldn’t cook. He shared the image of undercooked dosa and asked people what to do. Guess what? People schooled him.

6. This Indian Army chief gave a very vague explanation about why women are kept from combat roles. Well, the reason only summed up to ‘men could lose control’

7. A woman narrated an incident on Reddit and shared that her husband grades her cooking skills and oh the approved meals only get a ‘B’ or a ‘C’. Not that giving an ‘A’ would make any difference by this ass.

If I’m cooking something he doesn’t like I need to pay for the food he orders. I told him he can eat whatever he wants to, but I’m not cooking him a special meal or paying for his takeout. He says I’m being an asshole and even got his mother involved. 

8. While Uorfi Javed was calling out Sadhguru’s homophobia, a comedian stepped in to make a sexist troll out of this post. Here’s what it said:

9. This tech bro believes women are valued more than men in his alternate universe. He even tried to compare women with fish and men with LIONS to make a bizarre point. In which society do you live bro and what’s your point?

10. A cafe owner had this misogynist policy for women to wear a red sticker on their periods. He came up with this policy to deal with emotionally stressed and hormonal female staff members. WTAF?

It’s very difficult for guys to understand when someone’s going through a bit of a rough patch. So in order to avoid that, we thought it would be a good idea to wear a red sticker if you’re going through a period and just need a bit of understanding or space. It could have a little smiley face on it to keep it looking friendly. Well, the way I see the whole thing is, if someone is learning to drive a car right, they stick an L-plate on the car. 

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Stop taking lessons from Andrew Tate because his small dick energy landed him in jail.

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