A few weeks ago, we did a list of us Indian people having too much internet. As it turns out, we aren’t the only ones. The world is full of people like us. Even if they are dressed better or speak better English, more often than not they say stupid things when they are online!

1. No matter what year, occasion or pandemic it is, there is always a dumb Amitabh Bachchan tweet to commemorate it.  

Free Press Journal

2. Cannabis can solve a lot of problems but bad films and coronavirus aren’t those things!

Free Press Journal

3. Thanking Coronavirus for making you feel humble has got to be the most insensitive thing that was said last year. 

4. No. Thinking about colonising an entire planet is stupid because you are not too bothered with trying to save the one we’ve got. 

5. Do you get it Vanessa? Do you, really? 

6. Yeah, because we are all Republican billionaires with access to backyard jacuzzis!

7. Must be nice having 417 Test wickets and still tweeting like a naive toddler!

8. Really Ellen? Because I don’t think prisoners live in million-dollar mansions!

9. This could just be an article with 10 of Kangana Ranaut’s worst tweets!

The Quint

10. So we’ll give you one more. 

The Quint

11. How can you be wrong on so many levels?

12. Even if we ignore the god damn privilege Ms Gadot, I am not sure Palestinian people would feel very included in your ‘We are in this together, we will get through it together’.

There we go. I guess, stupidity doesn’t see class.