From romancing in the midst of snow-capped mountains to having a long vacation on the riverside, there’s no doubt that our movie industry has been setting some dreamy love goals, over the period of years. While some movies showcased intense passion, there were a handful of others that gave us the real picture of love.

However, there have also been some movies which showcased two individuals who, despite being in love, were not a couple. Yes, their adoration was pure and wholesome but they never gave a tag to their relationships, they never had to. 

With a heavy heart, here are some of these duos who redefined the term ‘love’ for us.


1. Laurent & Shashi – English Vinglish

The purest form of love is when two people like each other’s company and this duo was all about that. Despite not knowing each other’s first language or background, they felt comfortable with one another. While we all wanted this fictional duo to land up together, it just wasn’t meant to be.


2. Aman & Naina – Kal Ho Naa Ho

They were all about sacrifices, pure love and care. From being annoying and pokey neighbours to deeply falling for each other, this movie gave us the most legendary lovers of all time. So much so, that this movie remains a classic even nineteen years after its release. Come on, accept that the tragic climax of their story made you bawl like a baby.

3. Om & Shanti – Om Shanti Om

This filmy pair, who made the entire movie a dream sequence, was nothing but goals. Their love, which almost felt impossible to achieve, was warm with a pinch of humour. Whether it was her dupatta getting stuck on his hand or their saddening separation, we wanted more of them together.

4. Daljeet & Sue – Rang De Basanti

Now, imagine this: two individuals, living in different parts of the world, meeting by luck and falling hopelessly in love. How does that sound? Yes, dreamy. This duo, which isn’t considered as iconic as several other pairs, were incredible together.

5. Jordan & Heer – Rockstar

Well, have you ever hugged someone knowing that it’s probably the last time you are holding them so close to you? I know it sounds terrible and heartbreaking but that’s exactly what this duo went through. From being best friends and doing crazy things together to becoming strangers, we wished to see more of this pair.


6. Deepak & Shaalu – Masaan

From different castes to similar feelings about each other, these two were so dissimilar and yet so alike. Even before they could completely confess their feelings and become a legit couple, they were torn apart. We really wished for her to survive so they could live happily ever after.


7. Sanjay & Kalpana – Ghajini

Gosh, the moment she was brutally killed was one of the most heartbreaking scenes, ever. This duo, who never received the chance to become a couple, gave us some serious goals. Even though they were poles apart from each other, they belonged with each other.


8. Kabir & Natasha – Ajeeb Daastaans

Yes, we rooted so hard for them but fate (and the scriptwriters) had some different plans for them. From being strangers and friends to lovers, their beautiful and swoon-worthy journey was worth crying buckets for. Far from cliché romance and cheesy lovers, these two gave us some true love goals.


These are the love stories we’ll always be rooting for. We are not crying, you are!