There’s no doubt that our film industry has been churning out romantic movies since forever, featuring a number of dreamy proposals. However, there are only a bunch of proposals that live in our hearts rent-free, especially the one from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Imagine this: two best friends, quite opposite to each other, eventually realise their love for each other and fall hopelessly in love. Being an old school romantic, this duo was highly relatable and pleasing.

Yes, I know that they weren’t how most of our desi on-screen couples are, but that’s the best thing about them and their relationship. They weren’t an ordinary couple, they were absolutely and madly in love. And, being honest, they have set some serious couple goals.

Aditi Mahant (Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh), a rebellious and fun-loving woman and Jai (Imran Khan), a pacifist and introverted man were made for each other. Even when life had other plans for them and threw all sorts of boyfriends and girlfriends at them, they took the charge of their own lives and followed their hearts.

We all have to agree with the fact that all the scenes, which had these two, were undoubtedly fun and captivating to watch. However, the climax of the movie, where he finally proposes to her at the airport, was THE BEST proposal scene ever given to us by our film industry.

I loved the fact that he, despite not having any mode of transport, went ahead and decided to confess his love. He borrowed his brother’s horse and neighed his way to the airport, where the love of his life was leaving the country forever.

From cutting queues and having security chasing him like a rat (pun intended) to snooping in the x-ray machine, he then ran faster than the light in order to see her best friend, once again.

 She, on the other hand, desperately wanted to see her best friend too.

And then, they see each other and the song kahin toh hogi woh starts playing in the background. Yes, I have goosebumps too. However, he is now pinned down on the ground by the security. 

In this intense moment, where he can’t express much in such a serious situation, he starts singing the song. THEIR SONG.

“Tera mujhse hain pehle ka nata koi, yun hi nahin dil lubhata koi, jaane tu ya jaane na, maane tu ya maane na.”

And, she instantly knew what this meant. Yes, she did.

Men, this is the ONLY right way to propose without even saying the three words. Then, THEY FINALLY HUGGED. He asked her not to leave and confessed his love. Of course, she didn’t leave.

With their friends cheering on, they hopped on a horse and left. How adorbs, right?

We need Imran Khan and a proposal like this again!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.