Ed Sheeran’s music almost always leaves us with a bunch of feelings we never knew we had. But he is so much more than his music. 

It is a known fact that Ed is a rather humble and chivalrous man. So, while we all listen to Shape Of You on loop, he is out there being the good human that he is.

The man broke a million hearts when he came out in the open about his relationship with childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn. But the way he treats her is enough to make the world be happy just watching the two together.

Daily Mail

At a recent party, Cherry broke her Christian Louboutin heels while dancing. And the gentleman that Ed is, he quickly took off his shoes and offered them to her. And, while she walked out of the venue in his trainers, the singer walked out in just his socks, holding the heels with a broken heel hanging from the sole in his hands.


Cherry, the proud girlfriend, looked absolutely comfortable in Ed’s trainers and shot a gleeful smile at the paparazzi as the couple held hands while walking out of the venue. Ed could be seen being extra careful about each step but he didn’t leave Cherry’s hand even for a moment.


We’ve all heard Ed Sheeran’s music and admired him but it is instances like these that make us love him even more! 


Men, take notes!