Before we start, allow me to confirm your suspicions about both men here being complete a**holes. Elon Musk is an apartheid emerald mine man child, and Bill Gates‘ vaccine apartheid towards the global south has cost more lives than any of us can accurately calculate. 

Money control

But since the two of them are billionaires that pose as environmentalists and philanthropists, so we don’t march into their mansions with pitchforks. Case in point, this weird little conversation, that has been going viral on Twitter. 


Gates asks Musk if he were open to some philanthropic possibilities. 


To which Musk basically says, ‘Waan waan, since you don’t want to help be buy new toys, I won’t help you stop the word from burning.’ True Story. 


Is this conversation real? I would verify if either of them actually cared about helping the poor. But they don’t, so I won’t. 

Actually, I am kidding. Unlike Musk and Gates, I earn my living with honest work. So…

Which brings us to the part of the article, where we go through what creative language Twitter is using to cuss the life out of these billionaires. 

This next tweet needs some context. Epstein was a pedophile both men were buddies with. 

But here’s the thing. Most of you, for some reason, think Elon Musk is your lord and saviour and will turn Earth into heaven if given a chance. This could be true if Teslas keep running over people on the street. 

Not my place to judge but I will. Ya’ll need to stop putting your trust into billionaires. They got there by taking your resources.