Elon Musk likes free speech, except when he’s called out. Then he hates it. And to be honest, he does get called out a lot on Twitter, which is probably why he wanted to buy it. And yesterday was no different. 

Musk shared a meme, a post by the website HardDrive but edited out their name from the tweet. The website obviously noticed and…


Musk obviously didn’t back down because he’s a big baby with billions so he’s never had to admit to a mistake his whole life. Too bad for him, the guys at HardDrive are f**king savages. 


In case the last headline from that screenshot wasn’t clear, here it is: 


What Elon Musk doesn’t seem to understand about professional funny guys is that they don’t let go of shit. And TBH, Musk is easy prey. I mean, the guy is a 50-year-old tech bro who pretends to be an edgelord on Twitter. 

LMAO, Musk sure lacks thick skin for a guy whose whole persona is colonising a planet with no atmosphere. Needless to say, he deleted the tweet. He probably doesn’t know that people can take screenshots now, unlike back in the day when his parents made billions on the back of apartheid. 

Oh, and Musk then accused HardDrive of not being funny because of ‘wokeism’. LOL

People have been rejoicing it like Musk is some deviant who exposed his penis to a woman and then paid $250,000 in hush money and has since been making ridiculous excuses about why he couldn’t have done it. 

Oh, this is awesome. F Elon Musk. Aww, you like him, do you? F you too then.