*No Spoilers*

This morning, I was lucky enough to catch the first-day-first-show of Avengers: Infinity War. After three intense hours of pure awesomeness, I can safely say that it totally lived up to nearly all the hype and expectations it has gathered over the years. The experience was simply epic. And here are just a few reasons why you must experience this epic-ness for yourself too.

1. The stakes are seriously high and super real

Throughout the film, you genuinely fear for the characters and the fate of the world within the MCU. Your anxiety levels hit the roof.

 2. The sheer expanse of the movie is mind-boggling

It expands across not just countries, but planets. And it certainly feels that way throughout.

3. Everyone who matters is in the film

Barring a few, you have all the who’s who of the MCU in the film. And you won’t really miss the ones who aren’t there.

4. And every character gets their due

Each character — no matter how big or small — has an important role to play. Every character setup in the previous movies pays off in this film.

5. It has the most amazing battle sequences

Not just the final battle, which is a spectacle in itself, each fight scene is well choreographed and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

6. The villain is *genuinely* frightening

Thanos is not just your average moustache twirling baddy. He’s a complex character who comes with his own baggage and warped moral compass. He is the hero of his own story. And in a twisted sort of way, you may even experience a moment of weakness where you actually empathise with him.

7. There are so many payoffs throughout the film

Most unanswered questions and abandoned plot-points from previous MCU instalments were given closure during the course of this film.

8. The humour, as almost always, is on-point

While the film has an overarching dark tone, the overtly grim outlook is often undercut by genuinely hilarious moments throughout the film.

9. There are tonnes of callbacks and Easter eggs

For fans who’ve been following the comics and the earlier films, there are so many callbacks, it feels like the studio is rewarding you for your loyalty.

10. There are an insane amount of highs

The film is packed with one ‘wow’ moment after another. You may catch yourself hooting even if you’re watching it alone.

11. You can almost literally feel the enormous magnitude

The destruction is intense and real AF. And you genuinely fear for the wellbeing of the world as the plot thickens.

12. The subtle nuances are not lost

Even though the film is one epic spectacle, the subtleties and tender moments are not lost. You’ll constantly feel a lot of feelings.

13. It’s an epic conclusion to a 10-year-long buildup

There could have been no better conclusion to the 10-year-long buildup. It exceeded our expectations and shocked and surprised us at every turn.

14. After it’s over, it’ll make you long for more

The moment you leave the theatre, you immediately want to know what happens next. Alas! We have to wait another year for the conclusion of this story.

15. Of course, there’s an awesome end-credits scene

Unlike recent MCU films, this has just one post-credits scene at the fag end of the credit-roll. But it gives a tight conclusion to the events of the film and tells you just what you need to know about what’s to come.

Go watch it already!