From airport security manager to extras in movies, there are a number of people who talk about their jobs in AMA sessions on platforms like Reddit, etc. And one such AMA session was hosted by an ex-contestant of the popular reality TV show, Roadies. From the truth about the stunts to the extent to which the show is scripted, the contestant answered various questions on the thread.

Here are some of the responses from his Reddit AMA:

1. Why did you do it? Also, what about the show do you think appeals to people?

– parlor_tricks

“I entered the auditions merely as a ‘time pass’, which brings me to your next question. IMO, most people are attracted to the show because of the challenge that MTV makes it out to be. The demographics are mid-teens upwards, which is also the time when you are most vulnerable to accepting ‘dares’ (if you catch my drift). Then, there is the fame element.”

2. Do you get to practice for the stunts?

– verytroo

“No, we never got to practice our stunts.”

3. Are tasks influenced as well? Do the people that they want to win get better equipment?

– Neonic84

“Tasks are planned much in advance.”

4. Why would the MTV people get pissed off because of your AMA? Are you under a contract that you can not advertise yourself till a certain time?

– verytroo

“We are all made to sign contracts, before the show. As I said elsewhere, MTV is a juggernaut and it is only natural for them to be ‘upset’ by anything that comes remotely close to divulging some details (that they would ideally keep secret) and I am a humble mortal.”

5. Is it expected or required of participants to host other MTV shows as well?

– dreadnought303

“Of course not! You couldn’t have awkward people host shows. Do you think any contestant would like to drop a chance at working with MTV? It is totally up to MTV. And social skills/networking skills help, that is, if you are actually keen and meet the rest of the ‘criteria’.”

6. Do people recognize you on the streets?

– veertamizhan

“Yup! During the period immediately after the show, the people would just stare/point at me but would mostly never approach and this may have been to do with the image that the show ‘created’. I like to meet and talk to people. My on-screen persona was nothing more than a mere shadow.”

7. Is your contract still valid?

– Neonic84

“Yes. My contract is still valid and I don’t want to take any chances either. I am sure that you are fully aware of the dangers associated with exercising freedom of speech in this country. Better safe than sorry.”

8. What’s a secret about the show that nobody knows?

– pseudoalpha

“Well, most (not all) of the freebies that they give away to the contestants (on-screen) actually end in their own pockets.”

9. In auditions, are there just some actors who have been planted?

– Neonic84

“Personally, I am not aware of any actor being present and any answer will be nothing more than speculation. Those situations are a bit too much sometimes, but to play the devil’s advocate, I am sure most who enter the auditions are aware of the fraughts that lay ahead of them. Besides, imagine being in a situation where you have to interview hundreds upon hundreds of applicants and most of them are still young and stupid and arrogant. Even a saint would lose his patience, don’t you think?”

10. How did the show affect your life?

– PlsDontBraidMyBeard

“It has certainly made me more mature and practical. Before the show, I had a very narrow (idealist) worldview, which was shattered when I finally watched the show and the ‘reality’ was twisted to present a picture. That was the moment that George Carlin defined as, ‘If you scratch a cynic, you will find an idealist’.”

11. How much of the show is scripted?

– caughtoffside

“I won’t say that the show is scripted. Everything you see on TV is for real. But yes, I do feel the show is influenced. It’s their game and they are the ‘referee’, so they can change or intervene (wildcards or twists) anytime to make it more comfortable or favourable for some contestants.”

12. What kind of people are Raghu, Rajiv, Rannvijay and Bani in real life?

– veertamizhan

“They are surprisingly likeable, both of them. They behave the way they do because they have presented a certain picture of themselves, which fits with the show’s format. I don’t know Bani enough to comment but Rannvijay is a good lad and very down to earth.”

Bataao, banna hain Roadie?