With all the glitz and glamour, the lives of celebrities look extremely charming from the outside. While some of these celebrities are extremely humble and polite in real life, several others are not. 

Recently, a video clip of Shah Rukh Khan humbly greeting his staff and gently folding his hands infront of the security staff at the airport, while reportedly leaving for Spain to shoot for Pathaan, went viral. Needless to mention, people couldn’t help but applaud the actor for his kind gesture. Therefore, we decided to dive into Reddit and discovered this brilliant thread, where the security manager for celebrities spilled the secrets. Read on.

1. “Mira has ridiculous demands, like stupid ridiculous. She wanted my colleague to do her nails, like what in the world? But she didn’t get angry or anything when my colleague refused politely. I feel like these star wives just like to test the limits, lol. Suzanne is unpleasant.”

2. “Ranveer and Deepika are strictly OK. They don’t say thank you or anything, they are just in their own world. They honestly barely talk and are mostly on their phones when they are together. When the camera comes, magic happens. I found Ajay and Kajol to be romantic off-camera too.”

3. “Khushi Kapoor just rolled her eyes whenever we tried interacting with her, so she wasn’t that nice. Jahnvi Kapoor is courteous. Sara Ali Khan is alright. The Sonam-Harsh-Rhea pair have some crazy demands. Sonam wanted our staff to purchase a pair of new shoes for her from the duty-free ASAP because her heels hurt, so that’s there. And Rhea snickered when she saw my shoes, I didn’t find that very nice.”

4. “Jaya ji is grumpy, junior AB is average. Aishwarya is so beautiful and graceful. Reserved, but good at heart. Navya Nanda threw a ‘do-you-know-who-I-am’ tantrum when she basically doesn’t even require a shuttle or security but wanted one.” 

5. “If celebs were ranked percentile wise for their behaviour, Tiger Shroff would be in the upper half for his fans. He is well-mannered and charming to his fans. He doesn’t treat us too well though. Disha Patani does and she is pretty damn chill too. She actually called him out once and my respect for her grew tenfold.”

6. “Pankaj Tripathi ji is bade dilwala. He actually had the first shuttle ride of his life and he genuinely thought he had to pay for it. He even picked out his wallet.”

7. “I didn’t like Kartik Aaryan, too many crude and disgusting jokes and too pompous and flirty.” 

8. “Vicky Kaushal is very shy and reserved. But, always respectful and courteous to the staff. I have been crushing on him for the past few months, lol. He is good. He does have some peculiar demands, but that’s all manageable.”

9. “Meeting SRK was my most memorable encounter because he was my lifelong crush. I had posters of him when I was young. And, he was so kind and sweet to me, spoke a few of his famous dialogues too. You can really tell he loves himself and loves making the people around him feel special and desired. All the nice celebs were a wholesome experience, especially Shraddha Kapoor, because she is the only celeb till date who shared her food with us.”

10. “The rude celebrities are Kajol, Amisha Patel and to my disappointment, Kareena Kapoor. Kajol was just silent throughout the way and kept glaring at us when we told her that water bottles weren’t allowed. She apparently drinks from a specific company, so she threw a big tantrum about how big of a star she is. Amisha Patel constantly belittled us and it was the same case with Kareena Kapoor.”

11. “SRK was so kind and charming. I might be a bit biased but he said thank you to us, asked us about our family, etc. I was too shy though. Shraddha Kapoor is really, really kind, sweet, and has no tantrums at all. Her mother gives her jalebis every week, from what I remember. She shared them with us and insisted we eat them. Our team is full of girls so she chatted with us for a couple of minutes. She was very sweet, obliged to selfies happily. Even called my colleague’s sister because she was a big fan while going from one terminal to another. Kriti Sanon is again, super chill. Interacted with us, she was a bit reserved but very grateful and sweet. And baapre, so tall. Natasha Dalal and Vidya Balan are very kind and thankful too.”

12. “I know Ranbir Kapoor has this playboy image and I did have a certain mindset when I met him, but he turned out to be really respectful to every woman and thanked the security too. Obliged for staff selfies whenever I had the pleasure of escorting him. He has always been decent with us.”

13. “Yami Gautam is decent and very chill, even for late-night flights. She doesn’t really have any requests or anything, mostly goes alone too.”

14. “Jacqueline Fernandez is sugary sweet most of the time but does have her demands. In the end, she is nice about it and says thank you. There is definitely an awkwardness though. Like ‘hum airport staff aur aap celeb thing’, she is pretty silent with us . She really loves kids though.”

Ooh, these were quite saucy!