After eight years of ‘global domination’, BTS has become synonymous to K-pop. We all were (mostly) introduced to Korean music through them. The Korean septet has emerged as one of the most popular bands. In fact, at times, even non-kpop fans have taken notice of them (On those occasions, Twitter floods with enquiries). 

And if you have come across Bangtan Boys, you can’t help but notice Kim Tae-hyung, the handsome, talented, and charming k-pop idol. Tae-hyung aka V definitely stands out among his bandmates for his unique features and antics. 

On his 26th birthday, we’ve rounded up a few facts about Kim Tae-hyung. Find out why ARMYs are falling hard for him! 

1. The Daegu kid

V was born in Daegu to a farmer’s family. He is pretty close to his family and especially his grandmother, who raised him. Fan’s theories suggest that his soulful English track, Winter Bear, was dedicated to his grandmother.  

2. V never intended to become an Idol 

One of the best visuals and vocals of BTS, became a part of the group because of a strange turn of events. He went to auditions to support a friend and got a chance to become an idol trainee. It was a lucky day for V as well as ARMY. 

Later, he went on to become a trainee under BigHit Entertainment for about three years and debuted in 2013.    

3. He almost quit being a trainee 

Sometime before BTS debuted, V called his father to tell him that he wants to quit. During the episode of You Quiz on the Block, the singer recalled that incident. “Being a trainee was so hard that I called him crying. When I told him I wanted to quit, he told me, ‘If it’s too hard, you can quit’” he said. 

The prolonged and back-breaking training the idols are put through can push anyone over the edge. But how glad are we that he kept Hwaiting!  

4. The ideal BFFs

V and Jimin, who are now bandmates, were also classmates in High School. They joined BTS as trainees, together. 

5. V is an ambidextrous 

Kim Taehyung, who was initially left-handed, can use his right and left hand equally now. You can watch him play with both his hands in the episodes of Run BTS.  

6. Cocoa over coffee 

V is not a huge fan of coffee and prefers a sweet drink over the bitter beverage. Perhaps, it isn’t his cup of ‘joe’. However, he found a way to be part of coffee drinking sessions with his other bandmates. In a clip, he was seen holding cups of coffee and chocolate drink. He smelled the aroma of the coffee and then drank the chocolate. 

7. V’s stage name was chosen last

Tae, who we know as V, could have been Lex or even Six. Those were the other options on the table before his debut. The K-pop idol once revealed that the BTS members said that V suits him better. 

“So I picked V to stand for victory,” he added.

8. The saxophonist 

If not an Idol, V could have easily become a saxophonist, as he once mentioned. He played the saxophone for three years in middle school. Also, after about seven years he performed on the Star Show 360.   

9. Vante: The photographer 

Besides music, the Korean singer is quite interested in photography. He considers the Sydney-based photographer Ante Badzim an inspiration. You must have seen him using the hashtag #Vante for his photographic work. That’s his way of paying tribute to the artist.  

10. Kim Tae-Hyung as The Poet Warrior 

As most of us might know, making a debut as an actor was Tae-hyung’s dream come true. He essayed the role of Hansung in the Korean period drama Hwarang in 2016. In his very first role, he captured the hearts of viewers. And we are still waiting for his comeback. 

P.S- It is a must watch for every V stan.  

11. His love for Art 

The BTS singer often visits art galleries and considers them as one of the best parts of his tours abroad. He is especially fond of Vincent Van Gogh’s work.  

12. V has keen interest in Greek history

In an interview with GQ magazine, he was asked about people he would like to go back in time to meet. To which he replied, “Greek gods”. He would like to meet Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite if given a chance.  

13. V’s love for food 

Though we all know that BTS members love to eat and Tae is no different. His favourite food is Japchae, a Korean dish made of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables 


14. His role model 

Tae-hyung’s father is his role model and he wants to become a dad like his dad. He is someone one who listens, encourages as well as advises him and V really looks up to him. Aww!   

15. V’s pet, Kim Yeontan

He has an adorable doggo named Yeontan aka Tannie, whom the internet loves. I mean just look at him!


Happy Birthday Tae-Tae. Also, just know that we purple you!