Let me just start off by saying I loved The Family Man – it was a solid, supremely well-written show. But You know those little parts that kind of get stuck in your mind? Scenes where a character leaves a car door open or cuts the phone without saying bye. Like, they’re inconsequential details but they leave you itching with a need for closure. Well, The Family Man had this one constant issue and it just kept me up at night.


Their damn phone network problems – it’s hilarious! They’re secret agents, but they come undone when they don’t have bars?… That’s actually relatable AF for every Indian.

Just think about it – when the 3 T.A.S.C agents are keeping a watch on Moosa in the hospital, JK tries to warn them about his real identity by calling them. But there’s apparently no network – in a leading hospital – and the guys coming to get Moosa out end up killing one of the agents. 

This kind of shit can only happen here. I bet their phones even showed bars but still said not reachable. 

Bhai, you have technology to track any phone in the country, par tu Vodafone pe depend kar raha hai? Hospitals also have WiFi, FYI.

You’re telling me agents at the top intelligence bureau have no other means of communication than freaking phone calls? Please guys, tang mat karo! Actually wait, if that’s true, it’s honestly scary.


Even terrorists such at technology. When Sajid is driving the truck full of chemical weapons, and his handlers are trying to call him to cancel the attack. Guess what – no network. Bro, WhatsApp use karle! Please!

They have to resort to going after the truck in their jeeps and straight up asking him to stop in person. It’s 2019, itna kaam nai karta koi. And considering the gravity of the situation, shouldn’t they have had a backup plan for contacting each other if something went wrong? Kuch Telegram ya Wickr type encrypted chat service use kar lete guys! Trust me, I’m an expert…


And then there’s Milind trying and failing to call Srikant from the chemical factory to tell him about the gas leak. Why didn’t he just call someone else, you ask? Well, even I’d have a tough time making calls if I had been shot in the stomach. I forgive you, Milind.

I thought I was bad at communication, but these guys really make me feel like I have company! They’re legit communicationally challenged. Yes guys, we exist.

Maybe one day, someone can come through with some solid futuristic network in the country. Until then, I just hope they buy walkie talkies or something in season 2.