SPOILERS: Obviously, if you haven’t finished watching season 2, you shouldn’t be here. 

Now, Mirzapur season 2 might not have ended on a cliffhanger like its predecessor but it doesn’t mean that the finale wasn’t chaotic. It changed the whole power dynamic of the show and introduced to us many characters that could just take us by storm in season 3. So, keeping that in mind, here are some fan theories you might want to get into. 

1. Sharad Shukla becomes the main antagonist of season 3. 

At the end of season 2, Shukla fled the scene with an injured Kaleen Bhaiya. Now, while it does raise the question about why he didn’t just kill him and get his revenge, it is plausible that he did so to make sure he has a chance of taking Mirzapur. 

He still needs to take Guddu out of the picture and it would be impossible without Kaleen Bhaiya. 

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2. It was Bharat Tyagi who actually died in the end and his twin has now taken his seat at the table. 

When the twins shot each other during the chaotic finale, it appeared that Bharat had actually killed his brother. But since it’s Mirzapur, things probably aren’t as black and white. And since Shatrughan Tyagi has already been seen impersonating his older brother, it won’t be that shocking either. 

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3. Robin will hold the key to Mirzapur.

If Mirzapur could be compared to GoT, the newly-introduced character of Robin would probably be Littlefinger. His origins have been kept a mystery throughout the season and even though right now his intentions seem naive, he is one hell of a smart player to just be a side character. 

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4. Guddu dies in the 3rd season. 

He’s come extremely close to dying in the first two seasons and has barely made it out alive due to the people who have been close to him. Even his vengeance against the Tripathis were a result of meticulous planning by Golu. 

But Guddu being a muttonhead probably won’t help his cause. And seeing how cold Golu has become, it won’t be beyond her to abandon him or worse.


5. Kaleen Bhaiya will get completely unhinged and to get Mirzapur back. 

Akhandanand Tripathi seems too smart to fall for Sharad Shukla’s plan despite having been saved by him. He’s built an entire empire of crime and only fell because he was too distracted by the loss of his father and challenged by his idiotic son. With nothing to lose, he might turn out to be the most dangerous player on the ground. 

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6.Shatrughan Tyagi takes down his own father. 

The series has more of less been about the complicated relationship between fathers and their sons. Both Munna and Guddu spent these 2 seasons trying to get from under the shadows of their fathers by rebelling against them. Chhote Tyagi’s story might be a little less cruel but he seems to be on a similar path.  

And unlike Munna and Guddu, he’s already killed his brother and seems just smart and cold enough to pull it off. 

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7. Madhuri Yadav becomes an ally with Guddu, Shukla, Kaleen Bhaiya, etc. at different points in the show. 

The fictional CM is no less politician than her late father and she proved it when she took the CM’s chair right under her father-in-law’s nose. But things have changed now. There is a new power dynamic in play and she’ll have to ally herself with whoever can keep her in power. 

That being said, she did love Munna and if we know anything about the show, it’s that vengeance is always served, no matter the consequences. So, hold onto your seats. 


8. Beena betrays Guddu and takes over Mirzapur with Kaleen Bhaiya. 

While she played everyone in the last season and was easily the smartest character, and got herself rid of her rapist father-in-law and idiot stepson, she seemed to have no particular ill will towards her husband. 

Her husband will obviously try to connect with her because she has the last of his heirs. Which could indicate a change in the times and might persuade her to break the deal she’s made with Guddu. 


Alright then. Let us know what you think could happen in season 3. Cos’ this game is just starting to get heated.