The FIFA World Cup 2022 finale was one for the history books, no wonder the Argentinian fans went gaga when the players arrived. Around 4 million fans flooded the streets of Buenos Aires to welcome their stars, resultantly, Lionel Messi and the team had to be airlifted.

The football-crazed country went into full-celebration mode as soon as the World Cup winning goal was hit, and even after two days the celebrations don’t seem to end.

As the photos of the fan-flooded streets went viral, people started wondering if the pictures were photoshopped.

If like hundreds of others you also assumed these pictures circulating on the internet are photoshopped, you are in for a treat. These photos are very much real and there are videos too. Look!

Here’s how people are reacting to this absolute treat of a celebration

Now, this is what we call a celebration!

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