In light of recent events, Netizens from all across the globe have taken to social media to question the conditioning and mentality of young Indian men and their predatory behaviour.  

While people are coming up with creative ways to voice their opinions, stand-up comedian Vir Das is trying to pinpoint the root cause of toxic masculinity with his hilarious yet hard-hitting set on What Do Women's Clothes Tell Us? 

Source: Forbes

In order to fight the concept of associating rape or assault with the victim's outfit (a perspective which deeply embedded into our society's system), Vir Das proposed an interesting idea that might help to wipeout this perspective:  

Dropping the truth bombs about the conditioning of men, Vir Das had the hard talk on his set. He clarified the age-old victim-balmimng statement of objectification "asking for it", once and for all:

With his responsible content, Vir Das further went on to call out our society's unspoken double standards by pointing out an accurate observation: 

Watch his complete set here: 

Vir Das's righteous approach of looking at this situation and holding men responsible for their actions is something that we as a society need to embrace.