Twitter is a lot of fun on some days, specifically with its observations. And someone recently noticed how the French butcher Hollywood movie names. Of course, that irritates people when it comes to cult films or classics that they loved. Despite the fact that the intention is different.

Source: Twitter

A Twitter user, @juanbuis shared how the French translate Hollywood movie titles from English, to well, English. And while there could be a totally valid reason, it still adds a lot of humour. Juan also shared an example – The Hangover, which they translated to Very Bad Trip. The thing is, if you’re translating it, might as well do it in the native language. Why destroy a perfectly good movie name? Also nobody’s really going to want to watch ‘Very Bad Trip’. That just sounds a very vague film, and almost ruins the cult-following that The Hangover created.

He added more movies to the list, and it gets funnily-worse.

For instance, Not Another Teen Movie was translated to Sex Academy. And it’s like the French are commenting on the plot itself. They reduced the title to something so… it’s funny. Not to mention, the poster seems different too.

Or this to-the-point translation of No Strings Attached. They’re like, “They are friends who have sex, that’s it, that’s the movie.”

And we MUST talk about this. I mean, these look like two VERY different films. Do you sense a pattern?

Some on Twitter are sharing their personal observations, other find it just plain-funny.

Basically, all Hollywood movies are just ‘sexy’ movies.

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